1. \in (Belongs to)


2. \notin (Does not belongs to)


3. :or (Such that)


4. < (Less than)

5. > (Greater than)


6. \Lambda (And)


7. V (or)


8. \forall (For every or For all)


9. \Rightarrow (Implies that)


10. \Leftarrow (Is implied by)


11. \Leftrightarrow (If and only if) or (Implies and is implied by)


12. \subseteq (Is a subset of)


13. \nsubseteq (Is not a subset of)


14. \supset (Is a super set of or Is contains)


15. \subset (Is a proper subset of or Is contained in)

16. ⊄   (Is not a proper subset of or, Is not contained in)


17. \exists (There exist)

18. \cup (Union of sets)


19. \cap (Intersection of sets)

20. U  (universal set )

21.   \cong Congruent



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