Problem 305

Problem 305 For each of the following action, write a word problem that can be solved with the equation 85 – 62 = n: a. Taking away one length from…

Problem 303

Problem 303 Express the quantity 184 as the equivalent numeral in each base given. a. Base five b. Base two   Solution a. (1214)5 b. (10111000)2  

Problem 302

Problem  302 Translate Hindu-Arabic numerals 100,66,247, and 180 into the equivalent  Egyptian, Babylonian, Roman, and Mayan numerals.(Hint: Make a table and record your answers in it.)   Solution

Problem 301

Problem 301 Find the representation  of the number 256 in the following bases: a. Base six b. Base twelve c. Base two   Solution a. (1104)6 b. (194)12 c. (100000000)2…