Problem 1154

Write the resulting set using the listing method.

{3,9,15} U {9,13,15}




A U B = {x | x ϵ A or x ϵ B}

Remember that the word ‘or’ is used to mean that x may be an element of set A, set B, or both.

Let A represent the first set. Thus, the elements in set A are 3,9, and 15.

Let B represent the second set. Thus, the elements in set B are 9,13,and 15.

The elements that set A and B have in common are 9 and 15.

When listing the elements in a set, do not list an element more than once.

Finally, list all of the elements that appear in either set A or set B. If an element appears in both of the sets, list it only once.

Therefore , the union of set A and set B, denoted A U B, is equal to {3,9,15,13}.


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  1. Let U= {h, i, j, k, l, m, n} and A={i, j, m, n}. Use the listing method to write the set A’. Please answer fast i’m stuck and have a time limit.

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