Simplex Method

Simplex Method


a. Determine the objective function.

b. Write all the necessary constraints.

c. Convert each constraint into an equation by adding slack variables.

d. Set up the initial simplex tableau.

e. Locate the most negative indicator. If there are two such indicators, choose the one father to the left.

f. From the necessary quotients to find the pivot. Disregard any quotients with 0 or a negative number in the denominator. The smallest nonnegative quotient gives the location of the pivot. If all quotients much be disregarded, no maximum solution exists. If two quotients are both equal and smallest, choose the pivot in the row nearest the top of the matrix.

g. Use row operations to change all other numbers in the pivot column to zero by adding a suitable multiple of the pivot row to a multiple of each row.

h. If the indicators are all positive or 0, this is the final tableau. If not, go back to Step 5 and repeat thr process until a tableau with no negative indicators is obtained.

i. Read the solution from the final tableau.


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