Problem 927


The population of a town is increasing by 651 people per year. State whether this growth is linear or exponential. If the population is 1200 today, what will the population be in four years?




Linear growth occurs when a quantity grows by the same absolute amount in each unit of time.

Exponential growth occurs when a quantity grows by the same relative amount, that is, by the same percentage in each unit if time.

This population grew by the same amount in each year, not at the same percentage.  This is linear growth.

Because the population increased by 651 in each of four years, multiply to find the amount of the population increase.

651 * 4 = 2604

To find the population after four years, add this amount to the current population.

1200 + 2604 = 3804

The population will be 3804 in four years.



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