Problem 922

A mountain peak rises 4504 ft from sea level over a horizontal distance of 15,855 ft. Find the grade of the peak.




To find the grade of the peak, find the slope of the peak and express it as a percent.

Recall that to find the slope, m, divide the change in y by the change in x.

In other words, m = \frac{rise}{run}. Now apply the definition of slope.

m = \frac{4504}{15855} \approx 0.28 (rounded to hundredths)

Now, express the slope as a percent. To convert 0.28 to a percent, multiply 0.28 by 100 and attach a percent sign.

\frac{4504}{15855} \approx 0.28 = 28%

The grade of the peak is 28%.



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