Problem 607


Fiona kept the following records of her phone bills for 12 months:

55,50, 64,54, 71,57, 55,48, 66,71, 59,70


Find the mean and median of Fiona’s monthly phone bills.




First arrange the values in ascending order which is given bellow

48,50, 54,55,55,57,59,64,66,70,71,71

Mean=sum of terms /number of terms

Sum of terms=48+50+54+55+55+57+59+64+66+70+71+17=720

Number of terms=12

So mean=720/12=60  When the number of values of even then medain =avarge of n/2  th term  and (n/2)+1 th term  Where n=number of terms  So here medain=[12/2  + (12/2)+1]/2=(6 th term+7 th term)/2     6 th term is57


7 th term is 59     So median=(57+59)/2=58

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