Problem 2031

A truck and a car leave a service station at the same time and travel in the same direction. The truck travels at 60 mps and the car travels at 52 mph. They can maintain radio contact within a range of 12 miles. When will they lose contact?




Let t = number of hours before the vehicles lose contact. The first step is to write two equations using the formula d = rt.

Remember that since the vehicles started at the same time, their times are equal.

First, use d = rt to represent the distance driven by the trunk.

trunk distance = 60t

Now use d = rt to r represent the distance driven by the car.

car distance = 52t

Since the radios have a range of 12 miles, the vehicles will loss contact when they are 12 miles apart, that is, when the difference of the distance is 12 miles .


60t – 52t = 12

8t = 12

Solve for t and reduce

t = 1.5

the vehicle will lose contact after 1.5 hours

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