Problem 1153

Write the resulting set using the listing method.

{5,6}∩ {6,7,8}




The intersection of sets A and B, denoted by A ∩ B, is the set of elements in set A that are also in set B. This is stared symbolically below.

A ∩ B = {x| x ϵ and x ϵ B}

Determine which elements, if any of {5,6} are also elements of {6, 7 ,8}.

The number 5 is not an element of {6,7,8}.

The number 6 is an element of {6,7,8}.

Find{5,6}∩ {6,7,8}.

Since 5 is not an element of both sets and 6 is an element of both sets, the intersection of the two sets is {6}


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