Problem 1105

Convert the angle in degrees to radians.




Consider a circle of radius r. A central angle of a revolution (360°) will subtend an arc equal to the circumference of the circle. Because the circumference of the circle equal 2πr, we see that 360° = 2π radians, or 180° = π radians.

Converting form degrees to radians can be summarized as follows.

1 degree = \frac{\pi}{180} radian

Now convert the given angle in degrees to radians. Use the formula from above to write 1 degree in radians.

-19° = -19 * 1 degree

= -19 * \frac{\pi}{180} radian

Simplify. Remember that π \approx 3.1416.

-19° = -19*\frac{\pi}{180}radian

\approx-19*\frac{3.1416}{180} radian

\approx – 0.33 radian



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