Problem 1061

Let p, q, and r represent the following simple statements.

p: It is above 80 degrees.

q: It is raining.

r: I go swimming.

Write the symbolic statement in words.

(p v q) Λ~ r




First notice that this statement contains more than one connective. The connectives in this statement are “or” and “and.”

When a compound statement includes three simple statements and two of the simple statements are grouped using parentheses, a comma is used to separate the grouped statements from the other statement.

The compound statement “It is above 80 degrees or it is raining” is written symbolically as (p v q).

The last past of the statement is ~r. This represents “I do not go swimming.”

Thus, the symbolic statement (p v q) Λ ~ r means “It is above 80 degrees or it is raining, and I do not go swimming.”


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