Frustum of a Regular Pyramid

Frustum of a Regular Pyramid 


Base and top side lengths:\left\{\begin{matrix}  a_{1},a_{2}, a_{3},.....,a_{n},& \\  b_{1},b_{2}, b_{3},.....,b_{n}&  \end{matrix}\right.


Height: h

Slant height: m

Area of bases: S_{1},S_{2}

Lateral surface area: S_{L}

Perimeter of bases: P_{1}, P_{2}

Scale factor: k

Total surface area: S

Volume: V

Frustum of a Regular Pyramid


1. S_{L} = \frac{1}{2}(a + c)\sqrt{4h^{2}+b^{2}} + b\sqrt{h^{2}+(a - c)^{2}}


2. S_{B} = ab


3. S = S_{B} + S_{L}


4. V = \frac{bh}{6}(2a+c)


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