Dividing by a Monomial

Dividing by a Monomial


To divide a polynomial by a monomial, divide each term in the polynomial by the monomial, and then write each quotient in lowest terms.



\frac{15x^{2}-12x+6}{3}=\frac{15x^{2}}{3}-\frac{12x}{3}+\frac{6}{3} Divide each term by 3.

= 5x^{2}-4x+2  Write in lowest terms.

Check this answer by multiplying it by the divisor, 3. You should get 15x^{2}-12x+6  as the result.

3(5x^{2}-4x+2  ) = 15x^{2}-12x+6

Divisor * Quotient = Original polynomial


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