Converting to Scientific Notation

Converting to Scientific Notation


Step 1 :- Position the decimal point. Place a caret, ^, to the right of the

first nonzero digit, where the decimal point will be placed.


Step 2:- Determine the numeral for the exponent. Count the number

of digits from the decimal point to the caret. This number gives

the absolute value of the exponent on 10.


Step 3:- Determine the sign for the exponent. Decide whether multiplying

by 10nshould make the result of Step 1 larger or smaller. The

exponent should be positive to make the result larger; it should

be negative to make the result smaller.


Converting from Scientific Notation

Multiplying a number by a positive power of 10 makes the number larger,

so move the decimal point to the right n places if n is positive in 10n.

Multiplying by a negative power of 10 makes a number smaller, so

move the decimal point to the left places if │n│ is negative.

If n is 0, leave the decimal point where it is.

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