Problem 151

Problem 151


a. What is the centroid of a triangle?

b.The length of a median of a triangle is 36 units. Describe the location of the centroid on that median.




a. Centroid is a point where all three median of a triangle intersect.


b.The centroid cuts every median in a ratio 2 : 1, which is to say that the

distance between the vertex and the centroid is twice as long as the distance

between the centroid and the midpoint of the opposite side

Sum of total ratio  2+1=3

So 3 ratio denote  36 units

And 1 ratio denote \frac{36}{3}  units

So 2 ration will denote  =(\frac{36}{3}) \ast 2 = 24units

So the centroid is  24 units far from the vertex.


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