Problem 1048

Decide whether the following statement is compound.

John’s girlfriend prefers soup but she will eat sandwiches for lunch.




A statement is defined as a declarative sentence that is either true or false, but not both simultaneously. A compound statement is formed by combining two or more statements, using one or more connectives.

The connective used in this statement is ‘but’.

The sentence begins with the statement ‘John’s girlfriend prefers soup’.

The connective ‘but’ is found in the rest of the sentence:

‘…..but she will eat sandwiches for lunch’.

Examine this second part of the sentence to see whether the connective joins the first statement with another complete statement.

The phrase ‘…..but she will eat sandwiches for lunch’ contains a complete statement.

Therefore , the statement is a compound statement. The connective ‘but’ is a conjunction and the symbol for a conjunction is   ˄ .


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