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Problem 612

Multiply \left (  4\right )\left ( -3 \right )\left ( \frac{7}{3} \right )




We can see that 3 cancel out now it will become


= -28



Multiply binomials

Multiply binomials


When working with polynomials,the product of two binomials occurs repeatedly. There is a shortcut method for finding these products. Recall that a binomial has just two terms, such as

3x – 4 or 2x + 3. We can find the product of these binomials using the distributive

property as follows.


(3x – 4)(2x + 3) = 3x(2x + 3) – 4(2x + 3)

= 3x (2x) + 3x(3) – 4(2x) – 4 (3)

= 6x2 + 9x – 8x – 12


Find the product of the sum and difference of two terms


Some types of binomial products occur frequently. For example,

the product of the sum and difference of the same two terms, x and y, is


(x + y) (x – y) = x2 – xy + xy – y2 FOIL

= x2 – y2.

Multiply real numbers

Multiply real numbers

 The answer to a multiplication problem is called the product. For example, 24 is the product of 8 and 3. The rules for finding signs of products of real numbers are given below.


Multiplying Real Numbers


Like signs:- The product of two numbers with the same sign is positive.


Unlike signs:-  The product of two numbers with different signs is negative.