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History Of Mathematics

History of the mathematics: mathematics is very important part of the human culture from birth of the human, as they were use it for count the hunting animals to live the life, and then they use it to trade goods. Knowledge of the mathematics spread from one culture to others. Proof tells us that mathematics was started from Babylon and Egypt in 1800 BC, after it main contribution to the development goes to Greek, china, India and some part of Europe.

Study of the subject is started in the 6th century BC form the Pythagoreans, they first named this subject as mathematics, it is taken from the ancient Greek ‘mathema’, its meaning is “subject of instruction”. First development or written proof is Pythagorean Theorem in the history of mathematics.

Current form of mathematics is not possible without the contribution of some great humans. Here are few mathematicians who contributed to mathematics.

  • Euclid (Egypt)
  • Archimedes (Greek)
  • Brahmagupta (India)
  • Muhammad ibn Musa al Khwarizmi (Republic of Iraq)
  • Omar Khayyam (Iran)
  • Rene Descartes (France)
  • Pierre de Fermat (France)
  • Isaac Newton (England)
  • Gottfried Whilhelm von Leibniz (Germany)
  • Leonhard Euler (Switzerland)
  • Joseph Louis Lagrange (Italy)
  • Carl Friedrich Gauss (Germany)
  • Niels Henrik Abel (Norway)
  • Evariste Galois (France)
  • Bernhard Riemann (Germany)
  • Felix Klein (Germany)
  • Henri Poincare (France)
  • Davis Hilbert (Germany)
  • Emmy Noether (Germany)
  • Hermann Weyl (Germany)
  • Srinivasa Ramanujan (India)