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Problem 436

Divide \frac{-15}{-3}


We can write it as
-3 cancel out
= 5


Divide polynomial functions.

Divide polynomial functions.

Dividing Functions

If f (x) and g (x) define functions, then

(\frac{f}{g})(x) = \frac{f(x)}{g(x)} .Quotient function


The domain of the quotient function is the intersection of the domains

of f (x) and g (x), excluding any values of x for which g (x) = 0.

Divide real numbers

Divide real numbers


The result of dividing one number by another is called the quotient. For example, when 45 is divided by 3, the quotient is 15. To define division of real numbers, we first write the quotient

of 45 and 3 as , which equals 15. The same answer will be obtained if

45 and are multiplied, as follows.

45 \div 3 = \frac{45}{3} = 45.\frac{1}{3}=15

This suggests the following definition of division of real numbers.



For all real numbers a and b (where  b ≠ 0),

a\div b=\frac{a}{b}=a.\frac{1}{b}

In words, multiply the first number by the reciprocal of the second


Like signs :-The quotient of two nonzero real numbers with the same sign is positive.

Unlike signs :-The quotient of two nonzero real numbers with different signs is negative.


Dividing and Simplifying Radical Expressions

Dividing and Simplifying Radical Expressions

Note that \frac{\sqrt[3]{27}} {\sqrt[3]{8}} =\frac{3}{2} and that \sqrt[a]{\frac{27}{8}} = \frac{3}{2}. This example suggests the following.

The Quotient Rule For Radicals

For any nonnegative number a, any positive number b, and any index k,

\frac{\sqrt[k]{a}}{\sqrt[k]{b}} = \sqrt[k]{\frac{a}{b}} , or \frac{a^{\frac{1}{k}}}{b^{\frac{1}{k}}} = ( \frac{a}{b})^{\frac{1}{k}}.

(To divide, divide the radicands. After doing this, you can sometimes simplify by taking roots.)