What is the largest n for which one can solve within one second a problem using an algorithm that requires f (n) bit operations, where each bit operations, where each bit operation is carried out in 10^{-4}  second , with these functions f (n) ?

For question (a ) to (c) , enter the exact answers. Enter brockets around exponents. Round your answers down to the nearest integer for all other parts. Note that log n = log2 n.

a)     log n

n = ?


b)     n

n = ?


c)    n . log n

n^{n} = ?


d)    n^{2}

n = ?



e)     n!

n = ?



a) 2^{10^{4}}

b)  10000

c) 2^{10^{4}}

d) 100

e) 13

f) 7





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