Problem 305

Problem 305

For each of the following action, write a word problem that can be solved with the equation 85 – 62 = n:

a. Taking away one length from another

b. Taking away a subset from a set

c. Separating a length into two set

d. Separating a set into two subsets

e. Comparing two lengths

f. Comparing two sets



a. Difference of two sides are 62, one side is 85 what will be the length of other side?

b.  Length of two sets are 85 and 62 , what will be the difference between them?

c.  Total length of a side is 85, and length of one part is 62, what will the length of other part?

d.  Length of one set is 62, what should the length of the other set to get a set of 85?

e.  One of the Side of a rectangle is 62 more than the other, sum of both side is 85 , what are the lengths of both side?

f.  Length of one is more than 62 to other and total length of resultant set is 85 so what will be the lengths of the sets?


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